One experiences so many things when on the road. And you clarify loads of stuff in your life for yourself. Here on the blog, you will find some updates where I am at the moment, about the project beginnings, experiences from the road, surfing and authentic kitchens .......

And sometimes a bit of philosophy too.

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Enjoy your food, enjoy your life! Cheers, Bo` on the road

  • Back home again

    So .... after 6 months I am safe back home. Had such a great trip, tried so many delicacies and filmed many of them and took loads of pictures. Now no more excuses about bad Asian internet connection .....

  • Borneo ..... There is a jungle out there

    Malay part of Borneo was a last minute choice. Originally I thought I will end my trip in Thailand. But I changed my mind :) It was quite a shock after India. Too Western, too civilized, too expensive. But I loved the jungle, so powerful!

  • India ..... finally!

    India is a country I always wanted to visit. I intended to go there in April already, unfortunately my passport was stolen in Vietnam just few hours before my flight.

  • Back to school in Indonesia

    My next destination was Indonesia. Originally I wanted to go to Taiwan as local cuisine is undoubtedly great and there is good surf too, but then I felt like I want to go to Indonesia more, so I did.

  • Thailand was cool

    Thailand was great. Local people are so warm, hospitable and quite open to my filming. And the surf was quite a nice surprise.

  • On the road again

    So .... website is working, I have already uploaded 20 videos on my YouTube channel, high time to plan some more Asian culinary adventures.

  • Authentic World Food website was launched

    It took a bit longer than I planned, but it is ready finally. And except agency I should thank to the guy who stole my bag with my passport in Vietnam and the rainy weather back home last week :) .

  • India? Sorry baby, next time!

    I was stolen my bag including passport in Saigon. Just a few hours before my flight to India. What a nice April „joke“.

  • Vietnam was not same same, it was different

    I am moving to Vietnam and looking forward to learning and filming all the amazing noodle soups, rice pancakes, rolls.... In Sri Lanka everything around Authentic world food project was very easy, but Vietnam was the very opposite.

  • Special food for Almsgiving ceremony

    Something big is going on in our little house by train tracks. Big preparations for Almsgiving (Sanghika-dana). Budhist ceremony taking place 3 months after death of a family member, which was grandma in the autumn.

  • First video recipe shooting

    First video recipes shooting completed. Well, lets say some parts of them.

  • My trip to a "rice and curry" country begins

    The day D is here. Going to meet new adventures, waves and culinary experiences. I will start in Sri Lanka. It is like going home for me actually.

  • My culinary and surf trip is getting closer

    I saved some money. Should be enough for a few cheap countries in Asia. I gave a notice at work to be able to get off in January and start working on my project about authentic cooking.

  • Authentic world food has a name and logo

    I got the name! It is gonna be Authentic world food. I am creating the logo and launching Facebook funpage, where I post various photos and information from previous journeys.

  • Authentic food project idea is growing

    I got an idea. Not only that I will watch locals cooking on my next travels, but I will share it with others too.