India ..... finally!

India is a country I always wanted to visit. I intended to go there in April already, unfortunately my passport was stolen in Vietnam just few hours before my flight.

But my second trial came out and it came out pretty well :) India is simply … incredible. It is hard to describe, you simply have to go and feel on your own skin. The country is so diverse, full of colours and scents … and the same is reflected in its cuisine. Each of its states has its specials and it is nothing surprising, that India is a paradise for all vegetarians. There is an ayurvedic knowledge hidden behind many of the recipes, which are inherited from generation to a generation. Ayurvedic cooking is such a complexe science … I hope one day I will learn much more about its secrets.

  • surfing in a colorful fishing village, Kerala, India
  • Kitchen of one of the biggest "restaurants" in the world. Golden temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • the waves knew how to surprise you, Kerala, India