One experiences so many things when on the road. And you clarify loads of stuff in your life for yourself. Here on the blog, you will find some updates where I am at the moment, about the project beginnings, experiences from the road, surfing and authentic kitchens .......

And sometimes a bit of philosophy too.

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Enjoy your food, enjoy your life! Cheers, Bo` on the road

  • I have to come back to the amazing kitchen in Sri Lanka

    I went to Sri Lanka for the first time. Lucky me, got a room at local aunties`, who made the best curry I had tried in Sri Lanka so far. Only the very last day of my stay I by a chance glanced to their kitchen in the back of the house.

  • Roots of Authentic world food project

    I went to Morocco for winter. To warm up myself and mainly to surf of course. I got an apartment in a local house with a very nice family in a surf village called Taghazout. And this was actually the first chapter of my authentic travelling.

  • 3 tips for taking mouth-watering food pics while traveling

    Before we can even take a bite of a delicious meal, we take in its appearance and feast with our eyes. Food photography is a big business and these photos can be sold, or simply used to spice up your social media feed.