Borneo ..... There is a jungle out there

Malay part of Borneo was a last minute choice. Originally I thought I will end my trip in Thailand. But I changed my mind :) It was quite a shock after India. Too Western, too civilized, too expensive. But I loved the jungle, so powerful!

It has such an incredible beauty inside, such a calming atmosphere, sounds, peace and so many beautiful and unique creatures living there. Too sad to see, how the jungle is disappearing thanks to palm oil plantations.

If you love scubadiving or snorchling, Borneo is the place to go. So many fish I had never seen before, so colorful corals. Really worth it.

I didn`t choose the best season for surfing. I followed Google information, but as you know, it is not always right. So I came too late. Still I was lucky to find an amazing surf spot with just a few friendly locals and I had some fun days on waves too.

Great thing about food was that it was something like 3 in 1. As thanks to a huge Chinese community living there, you can get not only wide choice of amazing local and Indonesian food, but Chinese too.

  • the best night jungle track, tarsier, one of the smallest apes in the world, Borneo
  • amazing surfspot, Borneo
  • this used to be a jungle :( ..... now palm oil trees everywhere, Sabah, Borneo