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  • Bonda - fried banana balls with cardamon

    Cooking time: 10 min. / 10 min.Difficulty: easy

    Bonda and masala chai were my first breakfast in India. The cardamon aroma got to my head forever and when I imagine India, the first that occurs to my mind is this amazing smell and unforgettable breakfast.

    Bonda - fried banana balls with cardamon

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  • Crispy Chinese omelette - Phuyng hay

    Cooking time: 10 min. / 5 min.Difficulty: easy

    Yes, I put it among Indonesian recipes, as this omelette is made pretty often at various street restaurants in Bali. But originally it comes from China. Its one of the best omelettes I have ever had. All over that I have learned it from such a nice couple in a beautiful outdoor kitchen with plenty of beautiful tropical flowers around. Such nice memories.

    Crispy Chinese omelette - Phuyng hay

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  • Liver with olives

    Cooking time: 10 min. / 15 min.Difficulty: easy

    I was invited for a dinner by my Moroccan friends for. While we were drinking and waiting for the "main chef", we became pretty hungry. So one of the guys said "lets make a starter" meanwhile. I was expecting something fast, small and light, but he made liver :) Yes, it was fast and it was delicious. But pretty filling too, so I had nearly no space for the main dish then :)

    Liver with olives

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Sri Lanka

  • Baby jackfruit curry - Polos

    Cooking time: 40 min. / 40 min.Difficulty: mediumvideo

    Jackfruit is a fascinating fruit. Not only because of its size, but it is used completely different way in each stage of its ripeness. If it is of a size about 15-20 cm, it is called baby jack (or green jackfruit). It is used as a vegetable and has a sour taste. The curry made of it is called polos and is a bit sour too, but very nicely sour.

    Baby jackfruit curry - Polos

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  • Pumpkin with spinach Malay style

    Cooking time: 15 min. / 15 min.Difficulty: easy

    Simple and tasty recipe I learned in a small restaurant above a fish market on Borneo. It is a great combination of a tender sweet pumpkin with fibrous spinach and spicy chilies.

    Pumpkin with spinach Malay style

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  • Yum woon sen - Thai glass noodle salad with squid and prawns

    Cooking time: 15 min. / 5 min.Difficulty: easy

    The last meal I had in Thailand before I left. I nearly dropped a tear. This time surprisingly not because of the spiciness, the late afternoon simply felt so good. The sun was setting slowly and its rays were getting through the window of a small street restaurant. A very peaceful place. Thailand knows how to say good bye. And this amazing refreshing salad was another proof of it too :)

    Yum woon sen - Thai glass noodle salad with squid and prawns

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  • Sinh to - Vietnamese fruit shake

    Cooking time: 3 min. / 0 min.Difficulty: easyvideo

    I love fruit shakes. They differ a bit country by country. In Vietnam they use nearly any kind of fruit and vegetables. No matter what kind you choose, the recipe is nearly the same all the time. Loads of fruits, ice and sweet condensed milk.

    Sinh to - Vietnamese fruit shake

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