Thailand was cool

Thailand was great. Local people are so warm, hospitable and quite open to my filming. And the surf was quite a nice surprise.

I met a cool Thai woman a little street restaurant owner. She taught me all the amazing food - Tom Yum soup, various kinds of curries, refreshing glass noodle salad and much more. I hope you will be able to find it soon on the webside and YouTube channel. I got some special recipes too. As at the time, I was in Thailand, there was held Vegetarian festival with roots in Chinese budhism. At this time of the year many restaurants in Thailand change their menus. Of course they do not use meat, but they do not use their favourite sauces like a fish sauce and oyster sauce and ingredients like garlic and onion as well. So the recipes are very special, quite a lot of them are sweet and I got some recipes of the dishes and filmed some of them too. I spent one month in Thailand and am going to come back there in February, when there is dry season there, so it makes sense to visit Northern part of Thailand with completely different kind of food. Different but amazing for sure. (October 2014)

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