Authentic World Food website was launched

It took a bit longer than I planned, but it is ready finally. And except agency I should thank to the guy who stole my bag with my passport in Vietnam and the rainy weather back home last week :) .

It is evident at the first videos, that there is loads of space for improvement within my filming abilities. The main problem was, I didn`t film enough of the interesting material around, like the environment, kitchen and people. As I was too afraid not to miss any ingredient, that was put into the dish, that there are too many details of hands and pots and not enough of the pictures around. And my personal introductions are … how to say that… :) I just didn`t realize, how bad it would look, that I filmed myself opening my mouth only, not saying anything real… I thought, I will simply put voiceover on and it will be ok. But it was impossible to match with real words then … Ok, I know, I know… hopefully you will see the improvement in newer videos. Stay tuned :)

The only bookmark that is not working yet, is the eshop one. It will be not only about exotic food, like seasonings and various kinds of ingredients. You will find there tea, rice cookers, interesting cook books … Simply anything that has something to do with authentic cooking. So give me little bit more time. I think it is gonna be ready in June for sure.

(May 2014)

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