India? Sorry baby, next time!

I was stolen my bag including passport in Saigon. Just a few hours before my flight to India. What a nice April „joke“.

I wanted to go to an Indian restaurant in Saigon yesterday, as I was thinking that getting something else but a noodle soup could be a nice change. But then I was thinking for myself „Come on, you will eat Indian food nearly two months from tomorrow…“ … how wrong I was :D

When I calmed down a bit after the robbery, I thought everything will be ok. That I will just make few „byrocratic tours“ around Saigon to get new papers and will fly to India about a week later. Yes, I flew, but two weeks later and back home directly. As the only passport that it was possible to get was just a temporary one not letting me travel to other countries but Czech Republic. (April 2014)

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