Exotic food eshops and more

E-shops that have some connection with exotic food, listed by topics and by country. More countries will be added step by step. If you want the goods to be delivered to different country than the eshop is based, double check, if they ship to the country. Please, consider shipping costs, delivery time and character of the goods from the point of freshness too. I hope it is clear that all guarantees goe with the eshops listed ;)



tagines and accessories…..rice cooker…..coconut scraper

Dry spices, rice, lentils, oils, sauces …

  • Nearly everything around authentic cooking - This eshop is one of my favourites. The reason behind is, that the selection of goods is one of the widest - from a wide selection of spices, rice (incl. Chinese black rice and Himalayan red rice), beans, lentils, grains (incl. Chia seeds and Quinoa), pasta, oil (incl. coconut oil, pumpkinseed oil, camommile oil…), mushrooms (incl. Shiitake, Maitake, Morel…), vinegar, wide selection of salt and sugar, various kinds fo cheeses… check for sure, it is worth it! :)
  • Bulk herbs, spices, herb extracts, essential oils - Such a variety of spices and dry bulk herbs, you have no idea! Curry leaves, essential part of Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine, included. Except the common spices like wide selection of chilies, curries, cardamon pods, fenugreek, mustard seeds … they have specials like artychoke powder, bitter melon powder, chia seeds, many kinds of roots … Dry sea vegetables like chorella, Agar Agar, Spirulina … I do not know what to name first to drive your attention, the best would be if you check yourself :)
  • Gourman shop - This has been so far my No.1 in fresh herbs and edible flowers selection - if you look for fresh thai basil, cilantro, fresh herb mix for Vietnamese cuisine, fresh wasabi … congratulations, you just found your supplier ;) And I cannot forget their selection of rice, grains, beans, mushrooms and sauces and marinades.
  • Spices, herbs, pastes, sauces - and amazing gift boxes

Tea, coffee and accessories

Fresh meat, fish and cheese

  • Exotic and game meat - Ever wanted to try what kangaroo, turtle, emu, elk, yak, antelope and alligator tastes like? Check this eshop. "Common" meat like duck, beef, lamb, rabbit, venison, turkey… available too.
  • Crab (specialized) shop ;) - crabs, king crab legs, live lobsters, lobster tails, snow crab legs, crawfish, shrimps, oysters, clams, scallops …
  • Cheese, seafood, game birds and more - wide choice of cheese, oysters, crabs, lobsters, wide selection of caviar, quails, foie gras, wild boar, pigs legs, duck fat … And as a bonus professional chefs available on careline.
  • Kosher meat - beef, chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, salmon … family company who raises animals humenely

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks

  • California wine club - Get every month selection of the best wines from California family wineries. Perfect as a gift too.
  • America beer club - Get every month selection of the best beers from American small production, independant brewers. It is a great gift too.

Sweets, desserts and baking stuff

Kitchen appliances and crockery

Superfood, health and diet

  • Superfood / raw food - company`s mission: "We are on a quest to help you discover the healing, energy and longevity power within you. We do this through education and the most nutrient dense, raw, organic, Non-GMO superfoods on the planet". Their incredibly wide selection of goods involve sea vegetable, raw honey, natural chlorella tablets, beauty enzymes and protein powders, magic root cleansing elixir, cocoa butter, coconut oil, magnesium oil, stevia, agave nectar, berries… And the good thing is they ship all around the world.
  • Hemp nutrition - Hemp foods are a nutritional powerhouse that actually taste great! Yep, you read that correctly, good for you AND tastes great! Packed with essential nutrients like protein, healthy fats, fiber, and magnesium, hemp foods have a slightly nutty taste that compliment any food. For people who are not so familiar with this topic, no worries, it is legal and the food will NOT cause a psychoactive effect nor will cause a false positive drug test ;)

Eco and green stuff food related

Special, extreme and bizzare food

  • Edible insects, bugs, worms - For people who love trying new things. Safe and full of proteins. Edible insects, bugs, worms. Dried, canned. Scorpion lollipops, snake whiskeys, scorpion or tarantula vodka, cricket flour, bug candies and some "common" special Thai nibble food like durian chips, spicy squid sticks, crispy baby clams … THIS COMPANY SHIPS TO
  • Molecular gastronomy - Tools for molecular gastronomy - chef kit, coctail kit, experimental kit … And as a bonus professional chefs available on careline ;)
  • Emergency food - nothing for optimists ;) Hopefully we will never need it, still some people want to be ready for everything. So for them there is a wide offer of emergency food - instant food, that is supported by National Geographic. It has a great taste, 15 year durability, is easy to prepare and still is nutritionally balanced.

Authentic traveling