Information and photographs of ingredients used in the recipes and video recipes. The photographs are authentic of course. Taken at local markets, shops, kitchens or just in the country.

  • Galangal - Siamese ginger

    Galangal belongs to a ginger family. Its rhisomes are used widely in SouthEast Asia, especially in Thai cuisine. It looks very similar to ginger, the colour is usually lighter, skin thinner and more transparent.

  • Garlic

    Garlic is originally from Middle Asia and step by step has spread into all cuisines worldwide. It is used for meat dishes, various kinds of sauces and salad dressings. There are hundreds kinds available.

  • Ginger

    Most countries in South East Asia wouldn`t do without gineger. The root is used both fresh or as a powder. There are more kinds available. Bigger and white roots and smaller and more yellow ones, which are more aromatic and spicy.

  • Goraka - Indian tamarind

    Goraka is a fruit commonly used in Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. It gives a sour flavour to the dish. It works as a meat tenderiser used mainly in meat and fish curries.

  • Green parsley

    Parsley comes from Mediterranean region. It is used both, fresh and cooked as well.

  • Ice

    I have never seen so much ice in food and drinks as in Vietnam. They put it into all drinks in such a huge amount, including beer, tea, coffee.... and some desserts too.

  • Jackfruit

    For me Jackfruit is one of the most interesting fruits. Not only for the fact it is the largest fruit in the world. But stadiums of the fruits and related uses are very interesting.

  • Kaffir lime leaves

    They are leaves from a kaffir lime tree. Their taste is very specific, thats why it is impossible to substitute them in the dish. They are very common in Thai cuisine, but you will find them in Indonesian cuisine or others too.

  • Kecap manis sauce

    Kecap manis is a sweet and thick soya sauce used widely in Indonesian cuisine. You will find it on tables in nearly all restaurants in Indonesia to flavor up your soup or other dishes.

  • Ladies fingers - okra

    Okra belongs to mallow family. It is a slimy vegetable. If this consistence doesn`t appeal to you, you can get rid of it by cooking it whole very short time or cooking it with something acid, like for instance with few drops of lemon.

  • Lemon grass

    Lemongrass adds amazing lemon flavour to the dishes without passing over the acidity to them. It is typical mainly for Southeast Asia cuisine.

  • Lemon verbena - lemon beebrush

    Leaves of lemon verbena / Aloysia citrodora are used in various kinds of dishes because of their amazing lemon aroma.

  • Limes

    Lime is a citrus fruit, similar to lemon, but smaller and less sour. It is used unripe, green. Thai and Vietnamese cuisine can not do without it. It is used in soups, sauces, vegetable salads or in mixed alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

  • Maldive fish - Umbalakada

    It is a boiled, smoked and sun dried fish from Maldives. Usually it is tuna. It is used in Sri Lankan or Maldive cuisine to provide the dish with it its specific flavor and proteins.

  • Mint

    It is probably not necessary to indroduce this herb. It has its typical flavour. It is used in majority of cuisines worldwide for tea, cold alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, salads, main dishes, chewing gums or other mouth refreshers.