For me Jackfruit is one of the most interesting fruits. Not only for the fact it is the largest fruit in the world. But stadiums of the fruits and related uses are very interesting.

When it is "small", meaning lets say 20 cm, it is called baby Jack and it is used as a vegetable for Sri Lankan curry called Polos for instance.

When it reaches its final size and is still young, it is sweet fruit, and its pulps are eaten fresh or used for juices, candies or other sweets.

And then the pulps get even more mature, the pulps loose their sweetness, so they are used for curries again. Including the seeds. Together with seeds from the sweet ones if you have them at the same time. Seeds taste like edible chestnuts.

Recipes with Jackfruit.

To buy a Jackfruit US, UK, Europe

  • Jack fruit - the fruit - getting ready for export in Delta Mekong area, Vietnam
  • Jack fruit - the whole fruit and the pulps
  • Jack fruit, kiri kos, sold on the market in Midigama, Sri Lanka