I have to come back to the amazing kitchen in Sri Lanka

I went to Sri Lanka for the first time. Lucky me, got a room at local aunties`, who made the best curry I had tried in Sri Lanka so far. Only the very last day of my stay I by a chance glanced to their kitchen in the back of the house.

I was amazed. It was a dark room, smoked from open fire, where they cooked. There was a compacted ground on the floor and loads of ceramic pots that looked like the ones from a luxury antique shop. There were no electrical machines, just some simple tools, I had no clue what to use them for. … Is this the place, where all the delicious dishes are prepared? I couldn`t believe it. I was so astonished and sorry, I was just leaving, unable to see how at least one of my beloved curries is prepared. I have to come back and see it on my own eyes. Back home again I was talking about all Sri Lanka experiences and I didn`t forget to mention the amazing kitchen. I started to get questions about the way of cooking there, unfortunately I didn`t know the answers…so far! (March 2013)

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