Roots of Authentic world food project

I went to Morocco for winter. To warm up myself and mainly to surf of course. I got an apartment in a local house with a very nice family in a surf village called Taghazout. And this was actually the first chapter of my authentic travelling.

When I was not in the water, I spent loads of time with the family and lived their lives. I was amazed in what conditions they live and prepare their meals. They lived on a terrace, which was partly roofed by some sort of corrugated iron or wooden boards, under which they were sleeping, watching TV, smoking shisha and cooking. Back home, when I showed photos to others, where one family member prepares pita bread straight in the bed, I realized, it was not only me, who found it interesting. (winter 2010)

  • dinner tagin with moroccan family
  • cooking tagin in Morocco
  • pita bread preparation in the bedroom Morocco