Rice paper - sesame cracker

Rice paper is a thin crepe made of rice, water and salt and it is dried. It is used in Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine mainly. There are many kinds of them, with various size, thickness, ingredients and purpose.

The small ones are used for fried spring rolls, the larger ones for fresh rolls in Vietnamese cuisine. If they are thin, it is enough to wet them before use just by your palm dipped in water. The ticker ones put into cold or hot water - just follow instruction on the pack.

If they are very transparent, you can expect it will be harder to manipulate with them, they will tear apart a lot. In this case better use 2 pieces at once.

Sesame cracker, in Vietnamese "Banh trang me" or "Banh da tom" is typical Vietnamese cracker. It is a roasted rice paper, usually served with salads or added crumbled into some special Vietnamese dishes.

It is a thicker kind of rice paper, very often topped with black sesame and roasted. Locals roast it on a small grill on open fire without any oil added and they turn it every few seconds. You can put it in microwave, girll or bake it in your conditions, without using any oil. It should take just a few minutes.

Recipes with rice paper / cracker: Vietnamese squid salad, Vietnamese Banh dap, Vietnamese spring rolls.

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  • drying rice paper on the street in front of a family rice paper factory
  • packs of rice paper on the market in Vietnam
  • sesame cracker - roasted rice paper, torn and ready as a side dish for lunch