Red and green chili peppers

There is probably no need to introduce this ingredient. Chili peppers are grown and used in most continents. The red ones are already ripe, while the green ones are not. There are many species of them with a large variety of heat level.

And that is something you should be careful about. If there is a certain number of chili peppers in the recipe, if you do not know heat level of these you have at the moment in the kitchen, better use fewer of them. Level of heat is measured in SHU (Scoville`s heat units).

If your mouth is burning after swallowing too hot food, get some milk, yoghurt, sugar or something very sweet to calm it down. Do not drink water. When manipulating with chilli peppers, never touch your eyes. Even touching your skin can be pretty painful. Ideally use microten bag not to touch them directly or hold the green stalks and cut it with scissors directly into pan.

In general we can say, that red chili peppers are usually hotter than the green ones and they contain more vitamines too. If you cook whole chilies, the dish doesn`t get much hotness. But if you chop it, or even with seeds, it gets spicy to the max.

Recipes with red chilies e.g. Indonesian spicy beans with noodles, or Thai squid stir fry red curry.

Recipes with green chilies e.g. Indian dhal fry, or Sri Lankan white cabbage curry.

Other recipes with chili or chilies.

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