Coriander - Cilantro

Herb you can find in many cuisines worldwide. People usually love the taste of the leaves or hate. Except the leaves you can use the seeds as such or as a powder.

The leaves are called cilantro too and are used for instance as a part of a side salad to various kinds of soups and main dishes in Vietnam. In India they use both. The leaves are added into dishes just before the end of cooking, the powder is used pretty often in the same dishes like leaves. In Sri Lanka they usually use whole seeds into curries.

Recipes with coriander or cilantro: Indian gobi masala, Vietnamese liver with tomato and cucumber, Thai Larb moo.

Other recipes with coriander and cilantro.

To buy coriander powder US, UK, Europe, To buy coriander seeds US, UK, Europe

  • fresh coriander leaves on the market in Mui Ne, Vietnam
  • Coriander seeds sold in bags on local market in Midigama, Sri Lanka