Sri Lanka

  • Egg and plain hoppers - Bithara Aappe

    Cooking time: 10 min. / 2 min.Difficulty: easyvideo

    One of the most original and tasty egg recipes I have ever tried. And it has its bowl too ;) Street food available in the streets of Sri Lanka usually after 3.30 pm.

    Egg and plain hoppers - Bithara Aappe
  • Pineapple cucumber salad

    Cooking time: 15 min. / 0 min.Difficulty: easyvideo

    If you ask for a salad in Sri Lanka, most probably you will get this one. When you see strange light circles in the video recipe, it is not hallucination, it is my headlamp, which I had to use to strengthen the poor kitchen light in the evening.

    Pineapple cucumber salad
  • Coconut roti

    Cooking time: 10 min. / 4 min.Difficulty: easyvideo

    When I saw aunties from my Sri Lanka family chewing bits of some pancake looking like a pita bread, I thought they do not have money for a proper food. I was so wrong again. First they were cooking so many kinds of such an amazing curry every day and when I tried coconut roti, I didn't want anything else for my breakfast. The smell of fire and coconut ..... mmmm.... and it was so crispy. Coconut rotis are pancakes made of mix of fresh grated coconut and flour. Usually served with dhal (lentils) or with palm syrup or jam and butter.

    Coconut roti