Som Tum - Green papaya salad

Cooking time: 10 min. / 0 min.Difficulty: easy


This Thai salad is a perfection itself. Firstly it was prepared by a really nice couple by the road, who were passing by with their mobile kitchen on a sidecar. You just wave on them, they stop and prepare straight in front of you what you choose from their offer. The combination of flavours of lime, palm sugar, peanuts, shrimps, chilies ..... do I really need to add more?


Crush garlic and shrimps in a mortar.

Add all other ingredients except papaya into the mortar and slightly crush as well and mix. Crush just as little, that tomatos release juice and other ingredients their aroma. Especially be careful with chilies, the more you crush them, the more spicy they will be.

Add grated papaya and mix well.

Serve as it is or with sticky rice.

Vegetarian option is without the shrimps and with soya sauce instead fish sauce.


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Som Tum - Green papaya salad

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For 4 portions:

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