Sambal goreng tempe - crispy fried tempeh

Cooking time: 10 min. / 10 min.Difficulty: easy


What I love most about this recipe is the consistency of tempeh. As when chopped really fine, it gets nearly crunchy. The consistency is according to my opinion the key success factor of the recipe. I tried the same recipe with larger pieces of tempeh and it didn`t work so well. Detailes always mattered :)


Crush all ingredients (except tempeh and oil) into a paste in a mortar or in a blender.

Dice tempeh. The smaller pieces, the more crunchy tempeh will be. Fry in a wok on 3-4 tbs oil till golden brown on a high heat. Take out from a wok and put aside.

Fry the paste in the same oil on a high heat 1-2 min. 

Add tempeh, stir and serve.

Serve with rice.


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For 4 portions:

Side dish:

  • rice 

Authentic tools needed:

  • wok
  • rice cooker
  • Fresh tempeh sold in a banana leaf at traditional market in Bali, Indonesia by Authentic World Food
  • Burning traditional mortar chobek in Lombok, Indonesia by Authentic World Food
  • Rice fields in Bali, Indonesia by Authentic World Food