Green and red chilies fry

Cooking time: 5 min. / 5 min.Difficulty: easy


When I was invited for dinner by Ram in Rajasthan, I wanted to refuse with thanks. As fry, where the main ingredients are red and green chilies sounded like a bit too much for me. I didn`t resist though eventually. It was a really nice surprise. The chilies lost loads of their spiciness by frying and the taste became really fine thanks to ghee and yoghurt. So if you like spicy food, go for it. Sorry for quality of the photo, it was too dark everywhere around and we ate it directly from the pan :)


Slice chilies, seeds included.

Heat up a pan with ghee. Add mustard seeds. As soon as most of them start popping up, add chilies, stir and fry about 2 minutes on a medium heat.

Add tumeric. In one minute salt to taste, stir in yoghurt, warm it up and serve.

Serve with chapati.


For 4 portions:

Authentic tools needed:

  • rice cooker
  • kadai pan