• Aloo masala - Potato curry

    Cooking time: 10 min. / 20 min.Difficulty: easy

    Another curry, which definitely belongs to Indian classics. You can get it in India whole day, including breakfast. If you have some boiled potatoes leftovers, aloo masala is an option number one ;)

    Aloo masala - Potato curry
  • Banana curry

    Cooking time: 8 min. / 22 min.Difficulty: easy

    When I got a bowl of banana curry in front of me in India, I was not sure what to think. It didn't look very appealing and banana curry sounded pretty strange to me. But! The smell was amazing! So I gave it a go and believe me, it was something! Such a balanced combination of spices. You could have felt each of them separately and all together it made a perfect harmony. And when I got the secret recipe, I nearly started dancing around the table :)

    Banana curry
  • Onion pakoda - Onion fritters

    Cooking time: 10 min. / 7 min.Difficulty: easyvideo

    Amazing street food. The best pakodas / pakoras I have had in India were onion fritters sold just by a rail crossing on the way to my favorite surf spot. And as they are quite a lot of trains in India and you are waiting usually pretty long, I always passed the time by this place.

    Onion pakoda - Onion fritters
  • Channa masala - Chick pea masala

    Cooking time: 10 min. / 30 min.Difficulty: easy

    I cannot imagine India without this dish. This is simply one of the most common dishes you can get across India, usually for breakfast already with various kinds of rotis and then all day long with rice and other kinds of Indian dishes.

    Channa masala - Chick pea masala
  • Meen curry - Fish curry Kerala style

    Cooking time: 10 min. / 30 min.Difficulty: easyvideo

    I really enjoyed this fish curry. Yes, it was quite spicy, but the taste was balanced nicely with the coconut sauce. I had this great dish with an amazing muslim family. We were eating on roof of their house in Kerala in south of India. Super nice picnic ;)

    Meen curry - Fish curry Kerala style