Paneer - Indian cheese

Paneer is an Indian medium hard cheese made of full fat cow milk. From western commonly available cheeses I would say the closest is mozarela, paneer is just a little bit harder. It is used widely in North Indian cuisine.

And how to make a home made paneer?

Pour 1 litr of fresh (no chemicals) full fat cow milk into a pot, bring it to boil. At the time milk starts boiling and rising, lower the heat to minimum, add juice from 1/2 lemon. Milk should start to curdle within 1 minute. If not, add more lemon juice. But be careful, the more lemon juice, the more sour paneer will be. When curdling stops completely, remove pot from fire and strain, using piece of cloth put on a strainer. Tie cloth with paneer up and then you can hang it, that excess fluid drips down, but it takes quite a long time. Or put in on a dish and put something heavy on top to press it. Leave it in a room temperature and in 45 minutes it is ready.

Recipes with paneer.

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