Oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms belong to the most commonly cultivated edible mushrooms in the world. You can find them in Aisian, European, American cuisine.

Oyster mushrooms are better torn up instead of sliced, especially in stir fry or sauté, because they are consistently thin, and so will cook more evenly than uncut mushrooms of other types.

Contains reasonable amount of proteins. That`s why it belongs to popular meat substitutes for vegetarians or people in countries, where they are not used to using meat much, like for instance Sri Lanka.

Recipes with oyster mushrooms: Sri Lankan oyster mushroom curry, or Thai deepfried oyster mushrooms in a tender batter.

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  • oyster mushrooms sold in basket on local market in Vietnam
  • Bo` on the road in a oyster mushroom farm, Thailand
  • bags with oyster mushroom spawn in the back, collection of rubber from a rubber tree in the front, Thailand