Mung sprouts

Mung beans have their origin in India. Mung sprouts are used mainly in Vietnamese cuisine. For instantce into fresh spring rolls, noodle soup Pho or various kinds of salads.

You can make the sprouts yourself. Leave the beans overnight in water. Then pour the water out and leave for 2-3 days in room temperature. Just water them a bit 2-3 times a day, just only to keep them wet and to protect them from getting rotten. Do not let them stay in the water.

You can let them germinate in the dark too. Then they grow faster and are more flimsy.

Germinated Mung beans have much higher nutritional value than plain Mung beans.

In Sri Lanka, they use the green beens. They roast them first, then make flour of them and use them for preparation of various sweets and desserts.

If you want to boil green beans, let them overnight in water. Then pour the water away, as it contains substances causing flatlency which came from the beans. And boil in clean water.

Recipes with mung sprouts.

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