Coconut - young and mature

Coconut is a tropical fruit. Cuisines from these regions would hardly do without it. The use is so diverse, you have no idea. And not only in the kitchen.

You can drink coconut juice of it. Of both, the young ones and the mature ones too. The white meat from the white ones is used for coconut oil and coconut milk production. Coconut milk is base of most Sri Lankan curries and many Thai dishes. It is used for many kinds of desserts.

Mature coconut can last one or two monts in room temperature.

When you buy mature coconut, select the heavy ones, full of juice. The less juice, the older it is. If completely dry, it is already rotten.

Coconut palm leaves are used as a roof covering or for fire. Dry coconut skins are the best instant coal for BBQ. Hair from the skins are used for sponges … etc. etc …

Recipes with grated coconut and coconut milk.

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  • mature coconuts on the beach in Lombok, Indonesia
  • cluster of young coconuts in a street shop in Sri Lanka
  • me and my friend Tereza drinking juice from mature coconut in Bali, Indonesia