Moroccan bread - Khobz

Cooking time: 30 min. / 5 min.Difficulty: easy


Bread is for Moroccans something like rice in SE Asia. They eat it as a side dish with nearly anything except couscous. Recipe for classic Moroccan bread baked traditional way, in a clay oven, I learned in Sahara.


Put flour into a large dish. Salt to taste, add yeast and a bit of lukewarm water. Mix properly, process about 15 minutes with fists, adding water bit by bit. As soon as the dough is smooth and elastic, create a lump of it, cover with tea towel and let rise at a warm place for about an hour.

In about an hour take a tea towel, sprinkle it with flour, take a piece of dough (size like a tennis ball) and put on the tea towel. Sprinkle the dough with some flour too and create a pancake with your palm, which is thick a bit less than 1cm and has diameter about 18 cm. Set aside, cover with tea towel and let it rest 30 minutes.

Meanwhile set a fire in clay oven.

When the fire is on, put the burning logs to the side of the oven, put the pancake on a bread shovel, make five holes in it by wooden stick and put into the oven, to the side from the fire.

As soon as the bread starts getting brown from the edge, turn it horizontally bit by bit, that it is done evenly. 

For last 20-30 seconds turn it vertically. Alltogether it is baked 3-4 minutes.

If some parts of the bread are not done well, lean the undone parts towards the fire.

Serve with nearly any Moroccan dishes.

Store wrapped in a tea towel.


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Video recipe

Moroccan bread - Khobz

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For 5 flat breads:

  • 2 cups white wheat bread flour
  • 1 tbs instant yeast
  • 1 cup lukewarm water
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Moroccan bread (khobz) vendors on the street in Morocco by Authentic World Food
  • Flour and cous cous shop on traditional Moroccan market souk by Authentic World Food
  • Sahara desert in Morocco - a place, where I have learnt how to make Moroccan bread (khobz) traditional way in a clay oven