10 tips how to loose 6 kgs in one month, without any exercise, eating like a pig ...

One can learn loads of interesting stuff on the road. For instance how to loose weight pretty quickly, even if it is not your goal .... But still, India was worth it! :)

1) Go to India.

2) Eat everything, everywhere. Especially at the places with really low hygiene standards.

3) Drink local tap water.

4) Do not wash fruits and vegetables you buy on the market.

5) Do not was your hands.

Sooner or later you will get some nice little parasites, who will make your small intestines their home, will multiply in the speed of a flashlight and will unable you to absorb fats and nutrients soluble in them. So you will start loosing weight before you say a „blueberry pie“.

6) Did you not get any yet? So repeat points 2-5 as many times as necessary. Don`t worry, they will come.

They arrived! Welcome dear saviors.

7) Do not do any exercise, you will not have energy for it anyway.

8) Eat a lot, even if you will probably not feel hungry, as you will suffer from low appetite and nausea. But do your best to overcome those feelings. Think of the little ones, your little helpers, to get your dream body. They are hungry all the time and they may die if you do not feed them.

9) Loose 6 kilos in 1 month. Or 20 in 2 months … It is really individual. But it works and it works pretty fast.

10) Do you have a feeling, that your scale started to show a number you really like? And that feeding such a bunch of always hungry „babies“ is quite costly? It is time to get rid of them. Do not try regular antibiotics, they do not work. Get something really strong, ideally when still in India. Usually a medicine with ornidazole or metronidazole active substance work well and 1 pack will cost you around 20 cents. It worked for 4 of 5 friends of mine including me ;) You will feel even weaker while taking them and severe nausea will come for sure, may be something even worse. You know, the little ones simply do not want to give up, they will fight till the last man. But they will loose … they will.

Parasites are a souvenir one doesn`t want to bring from India… Now I can simply laugh at it, as I got rid of the little bastards after 3 months and I feel good eventually. I am full of energy again and will do my best to get some kilos and muscles back. The muscles I was working on „really hard“ while surfing few months in Asia.

And how am I going to get the kilos and muscles back? Going surfing again of course :)

My next destination is Ireland. Beautiful country, where I spent more than one year 5 years ago. The weather is super rainy and windy and water doesn`t get over 15°C even in the warmest summer days. So I will have to paddle hard all the time not to get frozen completely, so will get strong again pretty quickly. I got my dosage of sun on my 6 month trip in South East Asia in winter already anyway.

if you ask me whether I would go to India again and eat all the great local food at the authentic places? The answer will be 100% „yes, I would“. I love India, it is a really incredible country.

P.S. Of course I washed my hands, fruits and vegetables. And drank tap water only in case „western“ people confirmed to me it is ok… but still, it happens pretty often one brings this kind of souvenir from India.


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